A fire indicator Panel (FIP) will detect the presence of fire and smoke through the smoke and heat detectors and will alert the building’s occupants of the need to initiate an evacuation where necessary. The type of fire detection system used in your building should be based on your fire safety requirements, insurance, council legislation all of which can be determined through a risk assessment of your building or facility.

The Australian Fire Code (AS1851-) mandates that regular Inspection, Testing, Repair & Maintenance on Fire Alarm and Emergency Voice Communication Systems be undertaken and completed by qualified technicians.

Stevnor Services offer a range of Fire Detection systems including:

  • Conventional heat, smoke and flame detection.
  • Analogue addressable heat, smoke and flame detection.
  • High-sensitivity air sampling detectors.

Detection devices available include:

  • Heat, Smoke and Flame Detectors;
  • Audible Alarm Devices such as Bells, Horns or Speakers.

Our technicians are certified under the Australian Fire Code and are suitably qualified to carry out all works required on fire safety systems and devices in accordance with AS1851 and the relevant Australian Building Codes.