Passive fire protection and fire doors are common in most commercial and residential building and prevents or slows the spread of fire and smoke from the fire source limiting further building damage.

The purpose of fire doors within the building includes:

  • Protection of property by limiting the spread of fire/smoke.
  • Making a building safer to occupy.
  • Sealing of an opening in a firewall.

Passive systems are used wherever services such as pipes, ducts or cables penetrate a fire rated barrier (walls, floors or ceilings). The system needs to be sealed in such a manner that the fire resistance level or rating of the element of construction is maintained. Passive products and systems are used to close off gaps in floors and walls, around cables, pipes and ducts and in control joints.

Stevnor Services can provide you with a comprehensive testing and maintenance programme of your range of fire doors & passive systems to ensure that the fire resistance rating of the construction and the system is maintained.